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Lake of the Woods Fishing Licenses and Regulations


The Northwest Angle and Islands is located on the border of Minnesota and Canada.  Most of Angle Andy's guests chose to fish Ontario, Canada and some clients chose to fish both US and Canadian waters when weather conditions permit.

Click on the following links for information and/or to purchase the appropriate license.  Contact Angle Andy's Guide Service with questions regarding licenses.

Ontario Fishing License

Ontario Fishing Licenses CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE (see link below).  You can also purchase your Ontario license at the Shell convenience store in Sprague, Manitoba on your way to the Northwest Angle, or your guide can take you to purchase an Ontario license at a nearby Canadian location on the first day of your trip.  It is recommended that fishing licenses be purchased prior to your visit in order to allow you more time to fish during your trip.
Click Here to Purchase an Ontario Fishing License 

You have the  option of purchasing a sport or conservation license.  A sport license allows you to keep 4 fish per day, with a maximum possession of 4 fish.   A conservation license allows you to keep 2 fish per day with a maximum of 4 fish in possession.  Most of Angle Andy's guests choose to get the conservation license. 

Minnesota Fishing License

Minnesota fishing licenses can be purchased online or at a variety of convenience stores and sports outlets in Minnesota.  Minnesota fishing licenses can be purchased at local resorts in the Northwest Angle and Islands.

Buy Minnesota Fishing Licenses Online

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